Location, Location, Location … We Are Located In The Downtown Core of The City Of Dunedin, On The Gulf Coast Of Central Florida. We Will Respond To All Reasonable Questions / Requests As Soon As We Get Back To A Computer (We Live Here And Do All The Work As Well), And Unreasonable Questions / Requests As Soon As We Show Some Friends, Laugh And Roll Our Eyes

DO NOT ASK ABOUT AVAILABILITY VIA THIS FORM … Simply See “ROOMS AND RATES” Or “BOOK NOW” On Our Website … … Absolutely Could Not Be easier.  All The Cool Kids Do It … Just Be Cool


PLEASE, Please, Pretty Please (And A Dammit), Take A Looky Look At Our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) Before You Fill Out This Form.  So Much Time, Time That None Of Us Will Ever Get Back Can Be Saved With A 60 Second Scan Of Our FAQs

BEFORE YOU CALL:  We Are Semi-Hosted.  There Is No Front Desk.  It’s Just Rock Wearing A Bluetooth Earpiece Somewhere On The Property, Answering Your Calls.  There Is A 90% Chance, That When You Call, Rock Will Have To Walk From The Garage Or Elsewhere On The 1 Acre Property To Get To His Laptop (To Look At The Same Screen You Are Currently Looking At)

  • GUARANTEED That MOST Of The ANSWERS To Your Questions Are On Our Website …
  • GUARANTEED That When You Call About AVAILABILITY, I’ll Be Looking At The EXACT SAME Pages As You
    • When You Call About Availability and Tell Me That You are Looking at my Website … I’m Sarcastically Going to INFORM You That For Me To Check Availability … I Look At EXACT SAME PAGES As You.  There Is NO MAGIC, SUPER SECRET, Place That Has Different Or Cheaper RATES Or AVAILABILITY Than The “Rooms And Rates” We Have Made Available To You … The Public, The World
    • When You Call About Availability, I Most Likely Need To Get Down Off A Ladder in One of The Cottages, Walk Across The Property … Heading To A Laptop (Making Small Talk, “Where Ya From? Do You Like Pancakes? Ever Been in a Turkish Prison?), Sit Down, Log In, Refresh The Booking Page And Then Ask … “How Did You Find Us?  Have You Seen Our Website?”  You Will Most Likely Answer, “I Found You On The Internet And I’m On Your Website Right Now.”
    • You Won’t Be Able To See Me, But I’ll Be JUMPING, UP AND DOWN, FIST PUMPS IN AIR … Thinking, “If You Are Already On My Website … Why Are You Calling Me About Availability?”
    • Folks, It’s EASY
    • I Have Told Michelle That I’m About To Completely Redo The Telephone Greeting For Incoming Calls
      • I’m Going To Make It 13 Minutes Long
      • I’m Going To Sing
      • I’m Going To Make Animal Noises
      • I’m Going To Do Some Poetry
      • I’m Going To Play “FreeBird” On A Kazoo (Entire Damn Song, Note For Note … LIVE Version)
      • All THIS ABOVE Before You Can Even Get To Choices About Talking to Me
      • My Mentality Is That Folks WILL Have A Really Good Question For Me … To Have Waited Through 13 Minutes Of Babbling Insanity
      • Perhaps It May Reduce The,  “Quick Question, Do You Have Availability For Friday, October 33rd?” Questions I’m Getting Pounded With via Phone … While They Are Looking At The Same Page I Am?
        • Or, “Do You Serve Breakfast?”
        • Or, “What Part Of Florida Are You In?”
        • Or, “Are You Near The Beach?”
        • Or … Blah, Blah, Blah
      • Practicing My Animal Noises   🙂


FOR AVAILABILITY See “ROOMS AND RATES” Or “BOOK NOW” On Our Website … Absolutely Could Not Be Easier. 

All The Cool Kids Do It … Just Be Cool.  No Really, Just Be Cool.  It’s The Way We Do Business, We’re Asking … Thanks



Phone:   (Sarcasm Hotline)

  • Phones Only Monitored From 1100 to 1900
  • ABSOLUTELY No Calls Entertaining Questions
    About Availability Will Be Successful Outside
    These Hours (And Most Likely DURING These Hours
    … See “Rooms And Rates” And “Book Now”)
  • For Availability –
  • PHONE HOURS 1100-1900 ONLY (Eastern)
  • 727-500-2337 (BEER)
  • 727-500-BEER Is NOT A Texting Number
  • DO NOT Try To Text 727-500-BEER, No Workie
  • PHONE HOURS 1100-1900 ONLY (Eastern)
Mailing Address:  
520 Skinner Boulevard
Dunedin, FL 34698

LAT 28.015912 LONG -82.784918