This is our “REVIEWS” page and as always, with everything we do …  we plan on having a bunch of fun here.  As you know, most reviewers “snipe from the shadows” with their keyboards and remain anonymous while we stand here and take their BS ….this page just a fair chance to tell things from our point of view when it requires a bit more room, creativity and perhaps a graphic or even chart to set things straight

Like real life, we’ll put both the good and the bad here, but we’ll mainly focus on the “entertainment” aspect of humans (especially the “broken” ones and their reviews)

YES !!!  We currently have over 500 reviews from different places (, Expedia, Google, TripAdvisor …..etc) and we’re in the high 90% range depending on the scale (a 5 scale or a 10 scale) of approval.  Basically, about 4% of our guests did not like it here and gave us less than a 5 or 10 depending on the scale.  We can strenuously inform you that there were no “flies in my soup” or “Air Conditioner didn’t work”  … FULL OUT, a high majority that didn’t like it here (or like us personally) … DID NOT belong here.  They didn’t read our website and thought this was a place they could come trash and not bring the smallest amount of respect or common sense.  Michelle and I laugh … Beyond The Wall will NEVER lower its standards or put up with BS from any guest for any reason.  Ain’t happening and you can certainly read about it directly below.   LOL, Cheers



The “Shaking Our Heads, Complete Idiots” Section


The “LUV, LUV, LUV … You Get Us And You Get Beyond The Wall” Section (so many, coming soon)