We’re excited, you’re excited ……… we’re all excited.  Excellent, it’s exactly where we all want to be.

Problem though, excitement brings disruption.

If you are our guest, then we can’t give you the attention you need if we’re chasing folks all over the property who “Just Want to Look Around” for a minute.  It’s not efficient, it’s not safe, it’s not fair to folks who made reservations.

  • Who wants to be relaxed at the pool only to have a group of 2-3 “Sight Seers” come parading in looking for the front desk? (LOL, there is no front desk)
  • Want to be relaxing on your porch and have someone drive in, roll down their window and start shouting to you, “Are These for Sale?”

This is a very typical day here at “Beyond The Wall” and we decided, in the name of fairness, courtesy and customer service that we’d close this property to guests only and …………. to conduct tours by appointment only.  There are several signs, squarely aimed at entrances asking folks to STOP and make reservations for a tour.

We hope that you’ll see our reasoning and we hope that you’ll be sitting on one of the front porches with us soon.  Telling stories is much more fun without being interrupted by someone from a half rolled down window, from a minivan 40 yards away, yelling, “Are These Little Houses?”



Michelle and Rock